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Pantone Tpx Cotton Swatch Card Price Bangladesh

Pantone Cotton Swatch Card Available in Bangladesh : Trims Best Ltd. PRICE: BDT 1200 The definitive color standard for cotton SKU: SWCD TCX Pantone Color Swatch Card is the leading cotton color standard for designers and product developers in apparel, textiles, and soft home. Made on double layered fabric to the exacting color specifications, the Pantone swatch card includes full spectral data and a UV protected pouch for assured color accuracy in production. All other Fashion, Home and Interiors products…

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Pantone Metallics Guide Price Bangladesh

Pantone Metallics Guide¬† Bangladesh Description Complete collection of 655 metallic color for print and packaging including 54 new trend and market-relevant color, plus a new Rose Gold base ink. Also, this guide provides economic color options, coating options. Ideal usage for packaging, logos, branding,…


Pantone Coated Uncoated Formula Guide|Price Bangladesh

Pantone Coated Uncoated Formula Guide Price in Bangladesh.Query for latest price of pantone price in Bangladesh please call +8801713063995. Specification: Displays all 1,867 market-driven spot colors on coated and uncoated stock Use from design inspiration to press check Two compact fan decks for easy…


TPG Pantone Color Specifier Guide Set Bangladesh

Trims Best Ltd. one of the top pantone color book store in Bangladesh. Price for Bangladesh Pantone TPG Color Specifier and Guide Set Please Call: +8801713063995.Trims Best Ltd. Color Specifier and Guide Set Includes Paper Chip Savers SKU: FHIP230N Joining the movability of the…


Tpg Pantone Color Guide Price FHIP Bdt Bangladesh

Intended to demonstrate the presence of shading on item, the pantone Color Guide represents every one of the 2,310 of the Fashion, Home and Interiors hues as a finish covering on paper. The ideal device for hard home, pottery, paint, makeup, fashion extras, and…