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Just Germany Textile Color Viewing Lightbox Cabinet Lightbox PROFESSIONAL Update Price in Bangladesh. Trims Best Ltd.

Just Germany Color Viewing Light Cabinet
Color Viewing Textile Lightbox Cabinet


Highly convenient operation and practical functions for reliable color comparisons. The PROFESSIONAL matching booths leave nothing to be desired. For instance, dimming is just as possible as the generation of detailed reports on the viewing procedure. All parameters of the Color Viewing Light can be documented in a color matching report. You can use a laptop to conveniently create different light sequences, monitor the operation hours, or adapt the brightness.

  • Perfect for viewing plastics, paints, textiles, decors and colored coatings of all kinds
  • Optimally suited to frequent color comparisons
  • 5 Option: D65, F, TL84, D50, UV-A
  • Compliant to ISO 3664, ISO 3668, DIN 6173-2, ASTM 1729 (others on request)
  • Convenient Electronic Control Panel for easy operation of the Color Viewing Light, directly on the unit or on a mobile device via the Internet browser
  • Adjustment of the brightness, thanks to dimmable lamps
  • Operation hours meter for all illuminants for timely relamping
  • Easy generation of detailed color matching reports
  • LAN connection for remote control of the viewing booth by smartphone, laptop or tablet using a remote app
  • Mixed-light function
  • 10 light sequences can be stored
  • 5 different sizes are available for a wide variety of viewing samples
  • Interior designed in neutral, matte-gray Munsell N7 (G5574, Munsell N5 on request); matte-black interior lining as an option (accessory)
  • Made in Germany

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