Lightbox Price in BD Richard James Hilfiger

Richard James Hilfiger Color Assessment Cabinet Lightbox with option available in Bangladesh.

Produces the EU standards but reasonable price light box & total laboratory ranges. All lamps they used are of Just Germany , Philips poland , Philips France & USA. Reliable, you will forget when you have changed the spares. Low spares cost made Richard James more popular in the trades.

The Controlled Light 5, Model Rjh60-5 is fitted with five light sources, You can set during your orders.

Artificial Daylight D65 – This 6,500K fluorescent daylight source is the accepted European and international standard for critical colour matching. It is also known as North light 55.

Artificial Daylight D50 – An alternative standard to D65, this 5,000K fluorescent daylight source is used for some graphic arts applications, especially when viewing a four color process printed sample for comparison with a colour transparency, back illuminated with a 5,000k light source for color correction.

Store Light TL84 – Nominally 4,100K, this type of tube is used in many modern store applications, because of the light efficiency. Appearance under this lighting is therefore very important in clothing, home furnishing, packaging and labeling applications. Being made up from red, green and blue phosphors, the spectral output is very spiky, and colors viewed under TL84 can exhibit significant metameric effects – so it is an important check.


  • Item: Light Box ” Richard James Hilfiger”
  • Brand: True Color
  • Model : RJH60-5
  • Interior : Grey 5574
  • Lamp Options : 5 ( D65, UV, A, UL35, TL83 OR D50/CWF)
  • Made in : China an Eu ropean Brand for BD.
  • Stock Status : YES
  • Control : Touch Switch
  • Warranty : Service wrranty
  • Service : Yes.
  • Calibration Certificate : YES 
  • Price negotiable : Yes
  • Lamp warranty : NO

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