Pantone Formula Guide's Colorful Revolution

The Pantone Formula Guide’s Colorful Revolution
In the ever-evolving world of design, color is the universal language that speaks volumes without words. And now, Pantone, the global authority on color, has given designers and creatives around the world 224 more reasons to get excited with the latest edition of the Pantone Formula Guide.
Expanding the Palette:
This groundbreaking guide now boasts a staggering 2,390 market-driven spot colors in the Pantone Graphics System on both coated and uncoated paper stocks. The inclusion of 224 brand-new Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors elevates the possibilities for design, offering a broader spectrum for artistic expression.

Eco-Friendly Innovation:
In a nod to sustainability, the Pantone Formula Guide introduces five new eco-friendly Pantone base mixing inks. These inks not only uphold the vibrant and accurate color standards Pantone is known for but also align with environmentally conscious print production processes. Designers can now make impactful choices that echo their commitment to eco-friendly practices.
On-the-Go Inspiration:
The compact, handheld fan decks included in the Pantone Formula Guide provide designers with a portable color reference tool. Whether in the studio, at a client meeting, or on the move, creatives in Bangladesh and beyond can now make informed color decisions with ease, ensuring their vision is accurately represented.
Seamless Digital Integration:
The Pantone Formula Guide doesn’t just stop at physical references; it seamlessly integrates with Pantone® Connect for Adobe Creative Cloud. This integration opens up access to over 15,000 Pantone Colors in every Pantone library. Designers can effortlessly transition between the physical and digital realms, ensuring color consistency and accuracy across their favorite design applications.
Cloud-Powered Collaboration:
Say goodbye to the limitations of physical space. Pantone® Connect’s cloud-based functionality allows designers to securely save and store their chosen colors in the cloud. This not only streamlines sharing but also facilitates collaboration, ensuring that design teams in Bangladesh and beyond can work harmoniously, regardless of geographical constraints.

The Pantone Formula Guide serves as more than just a source of inspiration; it’s a tool for efficient color management. Designers can now guarantee color consistency and accuracy from the initial design stages to the final production, minimizing the risk of color variation in print.

The latest edition of the Pantone Formula Guide and the infusion of new colors, eco-friendly inks, and seamless digital integration reaffirm Pantone’s commitment to being at the forefront of the design industry. As designers in Bangladesh and around the world dive into the endless possibilities this guide offers, it’s evident that the language of color is evolving, and Pantone is leading the way.
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