DM200T Digital Moisture Meter Price in BangladeshDM200T Digital Moisture Meter

DM200T Textile moisture meter is an elite digital moisture testing hardware by our organization depending on the presentation of unfamiliar cutting-edge innovation. The instrument embraces a high recurrence rule, computerized show, sensors, and primary body together as one, outfitted with ten gears are utilized to gauge various types of Cotton Clothes, Yarn, fleece, and other material materials.


Display: 4 digital LCDMeasuring range:0.00%-2%0.0%-90%

Measuring condition: Temperature:0-60°C


Resolusion:0.1 or 0.01

Accuracy: ± 0.5%n

Power supply:9V  battery (6F22)

Dimensions:160mm×60mm×25mmWeight:203g (not including batteries)


  • Its integrative plan is helpful to convey outside for testing.
  • Digital showcase with backdrop illumination gives careful and unmistakably perusing despite the fact that you stay at the dismal conditions.
  • It is little in size, light in weight, and simple to complete for hands-on work if necessary.
  • Manual off whenever.

In the textile and garment industry, maintaining proper moisture levels is essential for producing high-quality products. Moisture content affects the texture, weight, and overall quality of fabrics and clothing items. To ensure that products meet international quality standards, many textile and garment manufacturers in Bangladesh rely on moisture meters. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at moisture meters and their importance in the textile and garment industry in Bangladesh.

A moisture meter is a device used to measure the moisture content of a material. In the textile and garment industry, moisture meters are used to determine the moisture content of fabrics and clothing items. By measuring the moisture content, manufacturers can ensure that the fabric is within the acceptable range and adjust their production processes accordingly.

Moisture meters are available in both digital and analog formats. Digital moisture meters are preferred in the textile and garment industry in Bangladesh as they are more accurate, faster, and easier to use. They work by sending an electrical current through the material being tested and measuring the electrical resistance to determine the moisture content.

Moisture meters are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit different needs. Some are handheld, while others are designed for use on a tabletop. Some moisture meters can test multiple materials, while others are specific to a particular type of fabric.

In Bangladesh, there are many shops that sell moisture meters specifically for the textile and garment industry. These shops offer a range of moisture meters at different price points and with different features. Some shops even offer repair and calibration services for moisture meters like as Trims Best Ltd Bangladesh.

The use of moisture meters in the textile and garment industry in Bangladesh is essential for maintaining quality and consistency in products. By ensuring that the fabric has the proper moisture content, manufacturers can prevent issues such as mold growth, color bleeding, and fabric shrinkage. They can also reduce the risk of fabric tearing due to insufficient moisture content.

In conclusion, moisture meters are an important tool in the textile and garment industry in Bangladesh. They are used to ensure that fabric and clothing items meet international quality standards and to prevent issues that can arise due to improper moisture content. If you’re a textile or garment manufacturer in Bangladesh, consider investing in a moisture meter from a reputable shop to ensure the quality and consistency of your products.

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