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Grey Scales are used for assessing color change and staining during color fastness testing. Both scales are used for visual assessment to enable you to specify a rating from 1 to 5, with 5 being ‘good’ and 1 being ‘poor’.

Grey Scale Staining Change
Grey Scale Staining + Change


Manufactured strictly in accordance with ISO 105-AO2 and -AO3

With both the American and Japanese equivalents, we have all you need for

your color change and staining tests.

Used for washing, water, perspiration and light fastness assessment and staining assessment on undyed adjacent fabrics.


  • ISO 105-A02
  • ISO 105-A03


  • Grey Scale for assessing Staining ISO 105 A03
  • Grey Scale for assessing Staining JIS (Japanese)
  • Gray Scale for Staining AATCC

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