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Industrial Dehumidifier 165L Richard James Hilfiger  Price in Bangladesh. Trims Best Ltd


The Quality of Richard James Hilfiger has made the brand more trusted in the globe. Richard James Dehumidifiers are Industrial & are accurate in it’s application range.

  • Item: Dehumidifier.
  • Price: Please Call
  • Stock Status: YES
  • Warranty: Yes, Standard Warranty12 months
  • Brand: Richard James Hilfiger
  • Model: RJH-165L
  • Capacity : 165L/D [30c 80%RH]
  • Cover Range : 2150ft² ~2420ft² (10 ft height)
  • Mc. Operating Temp.: 5°C ~38°C
  • Electricity & Power:1 phase 230VAC, 50Hz.
  • Power Consumption: 2120W , 9.6A
  • Type: Rotary Panasonic Compressor
  • Stock Status: YES
  • Warranty: Yes, Standard Warranty12 months
  • Service: Yes
  • Model: Eu for BD.
  • Made in: China
  • Price negotiable: Yes

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