Digital Luc Meter AS823 Price in Bangladesh

???? Introducing the Lux Meter Smart Sensor AS-823!

Light plays a crucial role in our daily lives, affecting everything from visibility to our mood and productivity. For professionals in lighting design, photography, and various industries, accurate measurement of light intensity is paramount. Enter the Lux Meter Smart Sensor AS-823, a reliable tool designed to meet your precise measurement needs. Let’s explore its features and availability in Bangladesh:

???? Key Features:

  • Brand: Smart Sensor
  • Model: AS-823
  • Measuring Range: 0~200,000 lux
  • Measurement Range Selection: Manual
  • Repeatability: ±2%
  • Sampling Frequency: 1.5 times/sec
  • Data Hold: Yes
  • Accuracy: <3% rgd ±5%f.s; ±(4%rgd ±10dgts) if < 10000lux
  • Unit Selection: Lux/Fc

???? Specifications:

  • Widely used in various industries such as electro-optical sources, research, teaching, metallurgy, building, industry inspection, agricultural research, and illumination control.
  • Compact, handheld design for easy portability and use.
  • LCD for real-time measurement results.
  • Data hold function for convenient reading recording.
  • Versatile usage in offices, schools, hospitals, photography studios, and more.

???? Availability and Pricing in Bangladesh:

The Lux Meter Smart Sensor AS-823 is available at select retailers and online stores across Bangladesh. The price may vary depending on the seller and region, typically ranging from 13,000 to 35,000 BDT. For the most accurate pricing and further details, please contact 01611-828220.

???? Enhance Your Light Measurement Precision:

With the Lux Meter Smart Sensor AS-823, professionals in Bangladesh can ensure accurate measurement of light intensity in various settings. Whether you’re involved in lighting design, architecture, photography, or other related fields, this versatile tool will elevate the quality of your work. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire this essential device for your professional toolkit. Contact us today to make your purchase and step into a brighter, more illuminated future!