Pantone Coated Uncoated Formula Guide

Pantone Covered and Uncoated GP1601N Recipe Guide Ideal for Visual Creators, Bundling Planners, Print Architects, Pre-press Experts, Printers, Screen Printers, Brand Proprietors, Website specialists, Variety Evaluators – anybody determining, sealing, looking at, and endorsing spot tone.

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CU Pantone Specification:

  • Shows every one of the 1,867 market-driven spot colors on covered and uncoated stock
  • Use plan motivation to squeeze check
  • Two conservative fan decks for simple survey and compactness
  • Pantone Spot Tones are accessible in most computerized plan programs
Product: Coated Uncoated
Model GP1601N
Country USA


  • Handheld decks give an in a hurry reference.
  • Imprinted on the most generally utilized paper stock loads (100 lb covered and 80 lb uncoated).
  • The lighting Marker page exhibits that lighting conditions are appropriate for various assessments.

CU Pantone Color

  • 1,867 spot tones, including the most recent 112 varieties — the biggest variety range in the Pantone Illustrations Framework.
  • Organized in chromatic arrangement, new varieties showed toward the front.
  • Colors are accessible in particular in the most advanced plan programming.
  • The upgraded printing process for further developed variety precision.
  • Each tone is shown with its comparing number and ink detailing.
  • The file toward the rear of the aides gives the numeric area to each tone.
  • 98% of highlighted colors measure under 2dE resistance to the expert standard information.