Needle Detector Machine Price in BD Trims Best Ltd

Needle Detector Trims Best LtdRichard James Hilfiger is the brand of quality.It’s Digital Needle detector, advanced with Visual signal (which is not available in any other brands).

Its advanced design & detection technology ensures the ferrous free loathings, garments , shoes & baby items.

This brand is using for the many brands like H&M, M&S, Lindex, Kappahl, Kiabi, Obaibi, Okaidi, Bhs, BigW, end more.The only real competitor of Hashima needle detector in the garments trade.

  • Item: Needle Detector  , Competitor of Hashima 
  • Brand : Richard Jamesh Hilfiger.
  • Model : RJH990MFD
  • Detection ability: φ0.8mm / 1.00mm Ferrous Sample card
  • Detection : 100mm h x 600 mm w
  • Alarm : Buzzer & lamp Tower
  • Power :  230VAC
  • Control : Digitally
  • Made in : Eu model made in china.
  • φ0.8mm
  • Price : BDT 625,000.00 / pc
  • Stock Status : Yes
  • Price Negotiable : Yes
  • Service Warranty : Yes 
  • Calibration certificate : YES
  • Service: Yes 
  • Delivery: On discuss.

●Large Visual lamp tower.

It is easy to check the detecting result by adapting large size LED lamp.
●Sensitivity select switch fully digital controlled

A needle detector machine is a device that is used to detect the presence of metal objects in a variety of materials. The machine is commonly used in the textile industry to detect needles and other metal objects that may be present in the fabric. The machine can also be used in other industries to detect metal objects in products. The needle detector machine uses a variety of sensors to detect metal objects. The machine is able to detect the presence of metal objects in a variety of materials, including fabrics, plastics, and metals. The machine is also able to detect the presence of metal objects in a variety of sizes. We are the top supplier of Needle Detector machines with the best price in Bangladesh.

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