Needle Detector Machine Conveyor Type Price in Bangladesh

Needle Detector Machine Conveyor Type with Best Price in Bangladesh.


Model: RJH790T

  • Detection ability: φ0.8mm / 1.00mm Ferrous Sample card 
  • Detection : 100mm h x 600 mm w
  • Alarm : Buzzer & lamp Tower 
  • Power :  230VAC
  • Control: semi-digital 
  • Made : Eu model made in china. 

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It’s a Needle finder, progressed with Visual sign (which isn’t accessible in some other brands)

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In recent years, the textile and garment industry in Bangladesh has grown rapidly, making it one of the largest exporters of apparel and textiles in the world. With the growth of the industry, the need for quality control and safety measures has become more important than ever. One such safety measure is the use of needle detector conveyor machines, which are designed to detect and remove any metal objects, such as needles, that may be present in garments.

Needle detector conveyor machines are widely used in the textile and garment industry to ensure the safety of both workers and consumers. These machines are designed to detect even the smallest metal particles, including needles, pins, and other metal debris that may be present in fabrics or clothing items. The machine works by using an electromagnetic field to identify the presence of metal particles, which are then removed from the fabric or garment before it is sent for packaging or sale.

In Bangladesh, the use of needle detector conveyor machines is becoming increasingly important, as it is crucial to maintain the quality and safety of the products being exported. Many garment factories and textile mills in the country are now investing in these machines to ensure that their products are safe and free from any metal contaminants.

The use of needle detector conveyor machines in Bangladesh is not only important for ensuring product safety, but also for compliance with international regulations. Many countries have strict regulations in place for the import and sale of textile products, and failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant penalties or even a ban on imports. By using needle detector conveyor machines, garment factories, and textile mills in Bangladesh can ensure that their products meet these international standards and regulations.

In conclusion, the use of needle detector conveyor machines in Bangladesh is crucial for maintaining the safety and quality of textile and garment products. With the rapid growth of the industry in the country, it is essential that manufacturers invest in these machines to ensure compliance with international standards and regulations, and to protect the health and safety of workers and consumers alike.

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