The TPG Pantone color family is inspired by the colors of nature. The colors in the TPG color family are vibrant and saturated, making them perfect for use in branding, marketing, and other creative projects. The colors in the Pantone TPG color family can be used to create a wide range of colors and designs.

Some of the most popular colors in the TPG Pantone color family include:

#1119C00 – Corn
#020A30 – Lilac
#020B30 – Lavender
#020C30 – Blue Violet
#020D30 – Royal Blue
#020E30 – Sky Blue
#020F30 – Teal
#021130 – Green
#021230 – Yellow
#021330 – Orange
#021430 – Brown
#021530 – Gray
#021630 – Black

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The suffixes TPG, TPX, and TCX in the Pantone FHI color system mean?

  • TPG/TPX and TCX: Suffix simply tells you whether it is a color printed on paper or cotton.
  • TPG: TEXTILE PAPER GREEN (launched in 2015)
  • TPX: TEXTILE PAPER, EXTENDED RANGE (launched in 2003)
  • TCX: TEXTILE COTTON, EXTENDED RANGE (launched in 2007)

TPG Technical Details

TPG Features
Color Quantity: 2310

New Color Added: 210

Color Printed: On Paper

Color Referenced: Corresponding name and number

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems. The Pantone Color Guide is the most widely used and recognized color reference in the world. The Pantone Bangladesh Color Guide is an essential tool for graphic designers, print buyers, and color decision-makers in Bangladesh.

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