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July 2019

  • Pantone Swatch Card Bangladesh

    Pantone Tpx Cotton Swatch Card Price Bangladesh

    Pantone Cotton Swatch Card Available in Bangladesh : Trims Best Ltd. PRICE: BDT 1200 The definitive color standard for cotton SKU: SWCD TCX Pantone Color Swatch Card is the leading cotton color standard for…

  • Metallic-Coated-Pantone

    Pantone Metallics Guide Price Bangladesh

    Pantone Metallics Guide¬† Bangladesh Description Complete collection of 655 metallic color for print and packaging including 54 new trend and market-relevant color, plus a new Rose Gold base ink. Also, this guide provides economic…

  • Zeal Digital Thermometer Bangladesh

    Digital Thermometer Zeal PH1000 Bangladesh

    Zeal PH1000 Higher Accuracy LED Digital Thermometer Price Bangladesh   Description Zeal PH1000 digital thermometer size 109 x 98 x 21mm, thermometer material ABS, range indoor -10~+50C, outdoor – 50~+70C, large LED display, indoor…

  • Industrial Dehumidifier price bd

    Industrial DeHumidifier Supplier Price in Bangladesh

    Dehumidifier Specification of 60L Brand: Richard James Hilfiger C/O: China Model:Ry J-H6-06L0/3DE 30 Phase -01 0 C & 80% RH) Input Power: 220V-240V/50Hz Power consumption: 680watt Amount of Airflow: 360M3/h Operating Temperature: 50 C…

  • Pantone-Coated-Uncoated-bb-price

    Pantone Coated Uncoated Formula Guide|Price Bangladesh

    Pantone Coated Uncoated Formula Guide Price in Bangladesh.Query for latest price of pantone price in Bangladesh please call +8801713063995. Specification: Displays all 1,867 market-driven spot colors on coated and uncoated stock Use from design…

  • Pantone-Specifier-Price-bd

    TPG Pantone Color Specifier Guide Set Bangladesh

    Trims Best Ltd. one of the top pantone color book store in Bangladesh. Price for Bangladesh Pantone TPG Color Specifier and Guide Set Please Call: +8801713063995.Trims Best Ltd. Color Specifier and Guide Set Includes…