Pantone Swatch Card Price in Bangladesh

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Pantone Cotton Swatch Card Available in Bangladesh. Trims Best Ltd.PRICE: BDT 1200

The definitive color standard for cotton


Pantone Color Swatch Card is the leading cotton color standard for designers and product developers in apparel, textiles, and soft home. Made on double-layered fabric to the exacting color specifications, the Pantone swatch card includes full spectral data and a UV-protected pouch for assured color accuracy in production. All other Fashion, Home, and Interiors products are references to this definitive color standard. 


  • One 4” x 4” standard color swatch made of 100% cotton poplin
  • Each swatch card is dyed within a tolerance of 0.5 dE (*except optical whites) to the corresponding spectral data
  • Double-layered, unbacked fabric on a non-optically brightened paper card for a true representation of each color
  • The non-reflective, smooth surface of the cotton makes it perfect for color visualization and accurate color measurement
  • Sealed in a protective pouch for assured color accuracy


  • Available in all 2,310 Fashion, Home + Interiors colors
  • Complements colors in our polyester and nylon textile systems
  • Each swatch card is referenced by a corresponding color name and number
  • Dye formulations are available for each color
  • Spectral data is available for purchase separately


  • Use for textiles, apparel, soft home, and interiors products
  • Use for precise visual color evaluation, spectrophotometric color reading, and specifying color to production partners

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